Paulina Michnowska

Away From The Inhabited Districts


April 8th - 22nd

Recent ceramics and paintings

Paulina employs an assortment of media that includes film, painting, ceramics and collage. Her work explores topics that range across: autobiographical details, memory, banalities of everyday life, mythology, the aesthetic of accident and injury.

On a recent holiday, Paulina suspended a severed ceramic head from a piece of fishing line and walked around with it in front of her camera, looking for moments where the head and its environment made some sense together. The activity of swinging that head before a landscape is characteristic of much of Paulina’s ceramic sculpture: a combination of chancy, circumstantial moves grounded in sincerely formal concerns.  An interest in figure and ground, glazing and layering, tonal harmonies and the hand’s physical presence are all apparent in Paulina’s ceramics, but they reveal themselves slowly. The brute force of her imagery is sometimes sexual, sometimes aggressive, sometimes feral, religious, bloody, and often obscene. The ceramics are robust and shimmering; the subjects thrive precisely because they belie a complex and intricate process. Put more simply, they are very very hard to stop looking at.

Striving for similar sensations in her painted works, crude imagery and sophisticated gestures take place in her pictures. Paulina taps into an essential and primal force. Like the human impulse to stare at car accidents or serious injury, her paintings bring together the fundamental and obscene in a space without shame. Referencing Delacroix’s tigers, Paulina cares more about the fact that they were actually studies of his own house cats, than in the language of exoticism that they affect. Paulina’s paintings work with a different kind of irony to her ceramics, almost the inverse. Where her ceramics are gnarly things put through an intricate process, the irony of her painting is one that subverts the opulence of art historical painting to reveal the crudity of an event, and perhaps the crudity of painting itself.

"Away From The InInhabited Districts", will be an opportunity to view recent paintings and ceramics by Paulina. Both mediums will attempt to coexist in the domestic environment of SHOW HOME.


Show Details

Private view \\   Friday April 8th  \  6 - 9pm
Open \\  Sat 9 - Sun 10 \  10am - 5pm
By appointment \\  Mon 11 - Fri 22 (contact us to arrange)

Film Screening \\
In conjunction with the exhibition, Paulina will be screening Philip Guston: A Life Lived.
Filmed at his retrospective in San Francisco in 1980 and at his Woodstock studio, where Guston is seen painting, the artist speaks candidly about his philosophy of painting and the psychological motivation for his work. 58 minutes.

This event will take place on the 16th April.

About The Artist

B. 1984, Poland
Lives and works in London

Paulina's recent exhibitions include Rough Music, CASS Sculpture Foundation and Wasters, Edel Assanti. Paulina's solo shows include Now, if one returns to melancholy, in 2013 at FoodFace Gallery as well as Lost in Space Forever, in 2012 at George & Jørgen, both in London.


Paulina was educated in Rome at the Accademia di Belle Arti, followed by an MFA at Slade School of Fine Arts, London. In 2017 she will undertake a residency at The European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in the Netherlands.